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Antigraviator is a futuristic racing game where you pick up power globes along the track to activate abilities and traps on your opponent. The game is still in alpha, but will come to Kickstarter on April 27th! Try the alpha for free now, check our 3 racetracks, customize your vehicle and play versus bots or in split-screen multiplayer!
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Check out our new Kickstarter Teaser! We also just uploaded a new version of the demo! Try 3 tracks, race against bots or split-screen and customize your vehicle!
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cradth (Рівень 13) 2020-06-24
I love the atmosphere in this game! Also, cool sci-fi tracks!
Agent44 (Рівень 13) 2019-05-05
The best sci-fi race game! I follow it also on twitter!
Astro_Boy (Рівень 6) 2019-03-10
in this period i'm watching a lot of sci-fi race game, but this is the best. I discovered this demo and then I had the game on steam!
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