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The 3 Rules of 2-Color Shapeshiftin' in a Microworld on a Flickering Torus -- a small puzzle game with pushing and shapeshifting, on a torus which flickers. Controls: arrows/WSAD + h/f1 for help and r for restart. Made for Ludum Dare 35 compo. #LDJAM
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Staff Підтверджено (Рівень 14) 2017-02-25
We added the #indiepad support :) try it with your #android smartphone :)
Jonathan Fish (Рівень 16) 2016-08-15
Nice game ! I'm spending a lot of time with it :)
unRoboto (Рівень 9) 2016-05-22
this is the second game made by drcz that i played. I prefer this because is more clear, i like the style and it's more easy to undestand what to do. :)
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