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Witches and Butchers

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Published on: 03/25/2024



A Retro Shoot 'em up game with RPG Elements!
Explore a fantasy world and defeat monsters to obtain ingredients so you can cook meals and eat them to get stronger!
Wika: English  
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Witches and Butchers
Witches and Butchers
Witches and Butchers
Witches and Butchers
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Amir (Antas 14) 2024-07-18
is it your fist game? is it impossible. you mixed so many genres of game in a perfect way. easy to play and with an interesting gameplay. the dialogues are not too long, so you have a lot of action. Nice game
Coopa (Antas 10) 2024-07-01
somethime the background is a little bit confusing. But also because you are using a "retro" palette. But I like it! Still not completed, but i love how you mixed different kind of genres!
Snyder (Antas 5) 2024-05-08
mi è piaciuto un sacco come hai unito le meccaniche di un rpg ad uno shoot em up. all'inizio sembrava il classico gioco confusionario, ma appena impari a fare lo switch dei personaggi e scopri le meccaniche rpg, la musica cambia totalmente!
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