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The land of Towerland; a land inhabited by knights known all around the world for their courage, has been invaded by Diabot, a hominous entity that conquers reigns with its army of ruthless creatures.
#Towerland #topdownshooter
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DeShuai (Level 0) 2022-07-11
This was a pretty fun game to play. It reminds me of the arcade games of old! It is noticeable that this is still in Beta, and it can get a little repetitive. I imagine this will change as the game develops
DiegoGramicciol Verified (Level 18) 2022-06-20
Mi sono divertito un sacco a giocarlo, mi ha ricordato Isacc, ma qui c'è una curva di apprendimento!
Tyrion (Level 8) 2022-06-08
When I played it I was not logged and my score is not online. I will play it again, even if it looks as a beta. You should improve your sprites and animations. There are a lot of games like this, you have to find an unique style
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