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Nuclear Mayhem

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Published on: 06/28/2017


Construct 2

I am looking to improve and expand this game but I want to make it feel right first
Wika: English  
News: 3
Bullet speed changed from 400 -> 200 Horizontal speed changed from 100 -> 150 Inverted player's colors Changed hitboxes for all objects changed background to be black inverted spikes colors added noise when ammo is picked up added sound for when bullet hits the ground added sound for when the player jumps added sound for when...
Nuclear Mayhem
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TheBigShow (Antas 12) 2018-11-05
Are you making new games?
Popsan Angel (Antas 13) 2017-11-25
I don't undestand how to complete the level
Zion (Antas 12) 2017-06-28
oh. I played it in the morning. But now I'm undestanding what kind of game you want to do. You will be the competitor of Theihe hahahahah
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