Project Platform 004

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Mengasoft - Cosimo Menga

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This is a early stage development release, new content will be added with upcoming updates.
This game is a 3D platformer inspired by Super Mario 3D Land.
#platfotm #exclusive
Wika: English  
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new update v:0.14 - modified screen shake management/ modified camera distance / enemies can no longer jump
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Project Platform 004
Project Platform 004
Project Platform 004
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Nabucodonosor (Level 9) 2019-12-29
Incredibly short
TheBeast (Level 10) 2019-10-01
Too short. Just one (incomplete) stage
Freank Verified (Level 16) 2019-09-19
Played the new version. Improved the previous issues about the lag and the glitch. But now I need to see a longer version!
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