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No Hexy

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Published on: 03/31/2017



No Hexy is a simple, minimalistic narrative experience that talks about important topics like Bullying and Racism.
You are Hexy, the only Hexagon in a world of Triangles, Squares and Pentagons. Being yourself will make something happens and you will learn that sometimes the best thing to do is mask who you really are…
Headphones are higly recommended!
- Use W/A/S/D to move
Wika: Italiano  
No Hexy
No Hexy
No Hexy
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the ugly truth (Antas 11) 2017-03-31
I don't understand how to do in this game...
Staff Verified (Antas 16) 2017-03-31
I noted that it use few buttons and is in #html5. If you want, you can add the #indiepad support ;)
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