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Espada de Sheris: NonMODE

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Published on: 2023/12/03



Espada de Sheris (シェリスのけん) is a Brazilian/Japanese indie narrative, 2D action-platformer with parkour elements where you control a European ninja cat named Kibo who must save the earth from evil masked duzkers in a post-apocalypse land from the year 4000.
#platformer #action #adventure #pixelart #arcade #cat #aliens #storyrich #indiegame #hardcore #scifi
Wika: English   Portugues   日本語  
Espada de Sheris: NonMODE
Espada de Sheris: NonMODE
Espada de Sheris: NonMODE
Espada de Sheris: NonMODE
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Yahoo (Level 12) 2023-12-04
sorry, but there are too many ads. it is impossible to play
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