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Top down, action sci-fi game with light puzzle elements, about defenseless particle that has to overcome it's obstacles creatively, in the quest to become Alpha.
This Demo gives a good taste of what's to come, starting off with upgraded skills & unlocked abilities, one entire station to play through as well as facing the retro-inspired boss.
#SciFi, #Space
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Alpha Particle
Alpha Particle
Alpha Particle
Alpha Particle
Alpha Particle
Alpha Particle
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Fleurman (Level 15) 2022-07-22
Woaw, what a great piece of art ! It's visually and auditorily impressive. The overall ambience is greatly immersive, intriguing and charming. The opening cut-scene is left me speechless. Also the game-like menu is a wonderful idea. It can become quite difficult at times but still enjoyable. Well done !
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