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Agent44 (เลเวล 13) 2019-08-08
Did you never make new games?
iamhere (เลเวล 13) 2016-12-02
no news ?
cema12 (เลเวล 8) 2016-11-07
Did the author make new games ?
Stre93 (เลเวล 11) 2016-11-03
add a longest demo, please D:
Eugor (เลเวล 14) 2016-11-02
No news about it ?
Alkatraz (เลเวล 8) 2016-10-10
Great ! I bought it the last week !
cema12 (เลเวล 8) 2016-09-22
Nice but the demo is too short :( I can't buy a game like this playing a too short demo :( I'm sorry.
Castor (เลเวล 7) 2016-09-15
completed the demo. Short but nice! Even if there are anly too (very easy) puzzles. But the style is good. I don't know if to buy the full version... i will wait a buddle. Are you working also to other games ?
Jonathan Fish (เลเวล 16) 2016-08-14
Very nice. The plot is funny but I love the graphic style. Good the animations. I have also the full version (from stream). In several parts the animations are too long... And I think"when I can play, please?!" And several puzzles are very easy (for example in the first part). Yes, I agree with several comments posted here... The demo is too short and I went on steam also after I watched several videos on YouTube. You should put a longer version
Malian (เลเวล 8) 2016-07-15
3/5 because it's too short :( only two puzzles...
MyTrain (เลเวล 8) 2016-07-02
Good first part.... ! :) i wait a bundle :)
Marius (เลเวล 14) 2016-07-01
what's the difference in this new version ? only bug fixed ...?
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