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Silent_Memories_P.T_V_1.2.rar (124 เมกะไบต์)
Download ดาวน์โหลดเกม
Silent_Memories_P.T_V_1.2.rar (124 เมกะไบต์)

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Nothing was changed on the game, except we decided after that little event to protect the game from any Decrypt Program. Even if someone could take the game contents without make piracy, we don't like that way. So, for the love of god and for who love to create games without being corrupted, DON'T- DECRYPT- RPG MAKER- GAMES. DON'T STEAL. Thanks.

Hey there! "Kept you waiting uh?" lol...
Okay, I'm sorry if I being late, for personal reasons and school, but now there it is, a new little update of Silent Memories P.T.!
Changes on this page:
-New Download of SM 1.1
-Changed the video and the images (the video is playing the first version)
Changes in the game:
-Fixed some bugs with collision and graphics event(Thanks to Cristi Nicola and Arkham Plays on their Gameplay)
-Added one new animation playable in one part of the game
-Added Save Game on some parts on the game (you can only load your save file if you get a Game Over Screen).
-Direct Access to the final level with flashlight, by skipping the menu after the "Fake Crash".
-Fixed the EXE game for prevent any malfunction.
-Fixed some audio loops.
Well, if you didn't see the ending, now you can! Have a nice gameplay and please, report me if you see other bugs or something!

New Update is coming: hey guys! My computer is fixed, so I started immediatly to work on S.M. and we are close to release a next update with fixes and some differences. Details are secrets for now. Stay Tuned!

Bad news: Hi guys, unfortunately my computer got problems, it continue to freeze definetely, so I can't do more videos/game updates. I'll hope to fix this problem, sorry for this.

We did it! First Medal for Silent Memories! The other game is still in develpment and it won't be released this October. However I''ll start updating Silent Memories by fixing bugs and changing the sequence after the fake crash. Some people believed that the game was finished after the fake error and fake menu. I'll delete the fake menu and let access you to the final level with the Flashlight, then I want to extend the ending like the original. I want to say thank you 125 times! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

100 Downloads! Thank you for your support! Please, invite your friends or make a gameplay if you want to let know this game to people! Anyway I'll replay in case: we are working now for a short rpg horror game styled like The Witch House of Mad Father for a contest horror halloween. The contest will end at 30 october and then I'll continue update Silent Memories. Thanks again!

Silent Memories News:
Hi everybody! I want to say all of you we just got the plot ideas! Norman Reedus won't be the protagonist of P.T. (The character Sprite won't change however), but YOU will be him! We decided that the Sequel let enter the player inside the history, like if him is the main character. You will decide your name. You just don't remember much about your past, you work as journalist and you got much reasons to go on Silent Hill. Silent Memories P.S.(Playable Story) will have connections and easter eggs about the old Silent Hill series from Konami. However, for this october we won't update the fixes and more about Silent Memories because we joined an RPG Maker Horror Contest for Halloween, and we to finish a short horror game within ONE month. You can see much informations about this on our channel. Check the video, and see ya!
PS: Thanks for all your support! We'll work hard for you!

YouTube Gameplay

Hi everybody! Here TwoD Studios! I'm so happy to tell you that i'll work to make possible to see a Silent Hills RPG Full Game with new Levels, Complete Story, New Characters, more Enemies and other! However, i won't start to create the full game until this Demo is not finished with fixes and languages. Here the Video Vlog with all informations:

YouTube Gameplay

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