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Pc white ดาวน์โหลดเกม External link

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fats (เลเวล 12) 2024-06-09
Are you still working on this game?
ConanOB (เลเวล 6) 2023-02-24
the community behind this game is growing up day by day! I played it just for few minutes. Sadly I have not so much time to play an MMO Rpg, but it looks very good. It is so rare to find MMO RPG in 2D! And it is good!
DiegoGramicciol ยืนยันแล้ว (เลเวล 18) 2022-08-20
Questo progetto merita di stare in top, veramente un bel gioco!
Marco Sacchetti (เลเวล 14) 2022-07-06
Complimenti per la costanza con cui stai portando avanti questo progetto! Sarei davvero curioso quanti giocatori attivi giocano questo gioco ogni giorno!
Gesan (เลเวล 11) 2022-04-30
Are you developing a desktop version?
Gale (เลเวล 5) 2021-09-06
this game is started as a simple amatorial mmorpg in 2d and now it is a very huge game with a lot of features. it is an incredible story. passion and dedition to the game dev and an idea! amazing
Deneris (เลเวล 17) 2021-08-19
Can I switch the items with the other players?
Sottorive (เลเวล 6) 2021-04-02
The Dragonia's Newspaper is an amazing idea! You should add also news about the best players of the game!
Kira (เลเวล 10) 2021-02-09
I played it a lot of time ago. I am back to play it again and to see the latest updates!
Studio90 ยืนยันแล้ว (เลเวล 8) 2021-02-01
wow this game has a lot of content! How long have you been working on it?
Deneris (เลเวล 17) 2021-01-25
Where is the alchemist area? How to find it?
JEntertaiment (เลเวล 11) 2020-10-11
Incredible, I'm waiting for this game for the mobiles :3
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