Ludum Dare 36

From 2016-08-26 23:00:00 UTC To 2016-08-29 22:00:00 UTC
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Ludum Dare is an online community best known for “Ludum Dare”, the Accelerated Game Development Event of the same name (also called a “Game Jam”). During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community. Ludum Dare events take place every April, August and December. On the website you can read more info
Ludum Dare is an event where you create a game from scratch in a weekend based on a theme. Themes are suggested and chosen by the community. Theme Suggestions are accepted starting 5 weeks before the event. Theme Voting kicks off 2 weeks before the event. The theme is revealed at the start of the event. On the website you can read more info