Global Archiact Jam

From 2016-04-07 22:00:00 UTC To 2016-04-23 22:00:00 UTC
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Subscribers : LucasCCB
Welcome to the jam. Are you ready to build something exciting for Cardboard or Gear VR?
Welcome to the first Global Archiact Jam of 2016! We are calling on people from all across the world, to see who can make the best mobile VR game for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. The grand prize, awarded to one winner for each track, includes three (3) HTC Vive Headsets AND free demo space at the first consumer VR conference and exhibition. Global Archiact Jam is the chance of a lifetime to collaborate with other VR enthusiasts in order to build and create a game for the next big platform.
The choice is yours, but the challenge is simple. Are you ready to accept the challenge?
This is an international event. Everyone is welcome to compete. *See Legal Terms for country exclusions.
Mobile virtual reality game
You may choose your SDK
Games must be made on Unity
Has a split screen
FPS 60
No inappropriate content
Game must run smoothly
Android phones only.
There are no required devices, but Archiact will be judging the games using the following devices: Note 4, Galaxy S6, and Nexus 5.
There are two different device categories you may compete under. Each device category will be treated as a separate competition. Contestants are responsible for ordering and purchasing their VR headset of choice. (If you are in the Vancouver area, we can provide you with Google Cardboards. Sign up here.)
Deluxe: Samsung Gear VR Category
Essentials: Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, VR SmartView, Goggle Tech (Go4D C1 Glass only)
*Note: Prizes will be given out in each Device Category. This means, there will be one 1st place winner for the Deluxe category and one for the Essentials category.
Deluxe and Essential categories will each be awarded the following prizes:
Three (3) HTC Vive Headsets
Demo space for their game at CVR 2016 - the world's first consumer-focused virtual reality conference - to 2,000+ attendees and industry leaders!
Recognition Awards:
Most Interactive
Most Innovative
Most Entertaining
Most Immersive