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New video showcasing the improved gameplay of Ultimate Reality's Demo:


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! The amount of support I have garnered for Ultimate Reality has been incredible! Thank you for believing in this game and for the amazing feedback! It's been a ride and can't wait to show the rest!

#pixelart #platformer #2020 #action #cyberpunk


Added a new update! There is now arial combat and also better controls and better combat system! I will be releasing a video soon showing of the changes!


THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN IS LIVE! You can check the campaign using this link: igg.me/at/urgame If you enjoyed the demo of the game and wish to help out, please consider backing the project at Indiegogo!


The indiegogo campaign will go live tomorrow at 9 AM EST! I will be giving a link to a secret perk through here! Thank you all for playing the demo!


Ulimate Reality will have an Indiegogo Campaign this monday! I will be giving out secret perks to those that are playing the game through this website! Make sure to check it out!

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ultimate-reality-a-dimensional-pixelated-adventure/coming_soon #news #cyberpunk #pixelart


FOR MAC USERS: You have to extract the app to the desktop in order for it to work. Happy gaming!


Just updated! You can watch the changes to the game here! I have now also included the game for Mac users!(I am aware of the issue with the cutscene having a weird texture and I am looking into that right now! I hope you all enjoy! #pixelart #platformer #update https://gamejolt.com/games/ultimatereality/406940/devlog/changes-to-the-demo-of-ultimate-reality-pixelart-devlog-changes-qspw5qvc https://linkup-games.itch.io/ultimate-reality/devlog/110138/updates-to-ultimate-reality


Ultimate Reality has controller support! Just plug in your controller and that game handles the rest ;) #pixelart #platformer


EXCLUSIVE ONLY ON INDIEEXPO! Be the first to try out the demo of Ultimate Reality! I will really appreciate what all of you think of the game! It's been a journey and I am proud to present to all of you my game! #pixelart #platformer

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