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Luis (8746 Ädelstenar) 2018-01-21

Very original concept! Art style + Animations looked amazing. I also like the music for its interesting harmonies

indiexpo Addons (2761 Ädelstenar) 2017-11-29
Karma (4169 Ädelstenar) 2017-01-04

no other games?

BloodMichael93 (943 Ädelstenar) 2016-11-19

made new games !!!!!!

Castor (640 Ädelstenar) 2016-09-15

where is the secret room ? D:

Jonathan Fish (7709 Ädelstenar) 2016-08-15

it's fantastic !! very nice. I solved this only enigma. Why only one ? D: are you continuing it ? did you develop other games ?

The Crazy (1198 Ädelstenar) 2016-04-12

Too short. Only one level. But it's very nice! The music is amazing !

BigHero (1621 Ädelstenar) 2016-02-23

I don't find "the secret room" ... can you help me ? :(

Marius (4110 Ädelstenar) 2016-02-06

Suggestion : remove the "Tap/Click" at the start of the game on the write The Shadow. Several friends of mine tryed to play it and they closed it because it stopped at the first write The Shadow. While they just tapped on it... ;)

Gatsu87 (3912 Ädelstenar) 2016-01-11

Wooooow ! Fantastic. Even if i don't undestand what happen when you turn off the light...

Marius (4110 Ädelstenar) 2016-01-10

O_O Amazing !!!!!!

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