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LoLo (Nivå 3) 2019-06-23
Waste of time. Flat gameplay, goal isn't clear.
BigBuckBunny (Nivå 4) 2019-06-23
Amazing game, I love the physics and the graphics are really nice!
Agent44 (Nivå 13) 2019-06-22
You should improve the level - difficulty.
I played the first and second level. Then there is the title... And then an impossible level. At first part the game should be easier to play
lucyinthespace (Nivå 15) 2019-06-22
the design is very original. I like it. Never see a game like this. How did you send the score? I played the classic version (first line).
I can't play the rank version because i am on desktop and I cant type my nick
vinstriano (Nivå 10) 2019-06-22
You, can, do, it. Have fun!
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