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In this video we have a little preview about the video effects 80'style that will be used in new Runner Dash 2

Good news for Runner Dash lovers: Runner Dash 2 development has been started! Do you want partecipate to playtesting? Send "PLAYTESTER" to our e-mail:

[version 18-1.94.365.5288]

Hey guys, as you can see, we try to update every version by correcting eventual bugs! As fast as possible! So we can completely dedicate ourselves to the new title on release this year - always for free. They are small productions but made really with love. And some friends have asked us why, instead of doing only 1 title with many levels, full of enemies, characters and gb. of graphics, we prefer to make a few and small, short. Simply because before facing a real big production, it takes money that there are not. And this makes us really sad now. But for the moment we hope that our game, enjoy all of you!
Runner Dash 2 is coming! With the sound of "SHIROBON" absolutely Smasher! Stay tuned!

[version 16-1.90.361.5283] - Fixed

[version 15-1.89.360.5282]

[version 12-1.84.357.5279] - Bug Solved

[version 10-1.81.354.5276] - Bug Solved

Bug Solved - [vs.9-1.80.353.5275] - (Mike blocked against high bricks)

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