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Update 1.6 - 2021/08/15
-fixed crash in "vs cpu" select screen after credits cycle (Introduced in v1.5)

Update 1.5 - 2021/03/01
code optimization reclaimed over 110 tokes so:
-fixed an AI bug that made flying overhead chop overpowered with some opponent levels, now cpu reacts more like original code
-Added Hordak and Fisto.
-There are now 9 characters for each side but you still fight 8 rounds, picked among this pool.
-If you play as She-Ra then Hordak is the final boss and Skeletor can be a random opponent. Same if you paly with Hordak. Old characters with He-Man or Skeletor as final boss get Hordak/She-Ra as random opponents
-Animated intro! (I really wanted this from the start and was so sad to cut it before)
-Various minor gfx fixes
-music loop fix

Updated to v1.4 - 2020/10/03
- fixed infinite roll attack so you can't chain them and stuck opponent to the edge of the stage
- added gore disabling option for kids, no decapitations and no blood.
This makes the game a bit more challenging because you can't have a sudden victory with the flying chop

Updated to v1.3 - 2020/09/03
- fixed losing last fight will restart from first opponent, very sorry about this
- fixed grayskull bg glitch introduced in last update
- current stats: tokens 8182 / chars 44523 / compress 99.87

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