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Hi again everyone,Sorry for the late update but we've been really busy with the Kickstarter and the development. So first things first, we want to thank everyone for helping our campaign to be a success!!! All the feedback and the support you gave us made a difference in reaching our goal! The development is processing smoothly so if no unforseen problem arises you can expect the game to be released on schedule next September!

So maybe someone wanted to support our campaign and missed the deadline? don't worry! we're running a post campaign on Indiegogo: So please share this with your friends and help us make Landflix even bigger!

Please keep spreading the word and sharing some Landflix Odyssey love all around! <3

Have a nice Wednesday!

Fantastico Studio Team


Hello guys, as we aimed we reached a great milestone today! We just crossed over 100 backers and are currently 20% funded!

THANK YOU so much for your incredible TRUST and SUPPORT so far! You are AMAZING! <3

We've still got a long road ahead, so we don’t take our eyes off the ball and keep working to reach our goal: 100% funded!!!!

Please keep spreading the word and sharing some Landflix Odyssey love all around! <3

Happy Sunday!

Fantastico Studio Team


First Livestream: #LANDFLIX&CHILL on Friday, 2/9 at 17.30 CET

Landflix Odyssey TV shows, beer and chill!

Come in and chill with us while we play with Landflix Odyssey!

We can talk about TV shows, discuss all references in the game, and share ideas with a good and cold beer!

Fantastico Studio’s in the house.

Live Stream Friday, 2/9 at 17.30 CET

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