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Angry Squirrels
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Theghoul Profile (Nivå 7) 2019-09-02

don't work? pls fix this bug

vinstriano Profile (Nivå 10) 2019-06-22

Cool game!

AnthonyNkl Profile (Nivå 10) 2019-01-09

The thumbnail is looking great!

indiexpo Interviews (Nivå 2) 2018-10-04

6 Questions for... Angry Squirrels

Luis (Nivå 17) 2018-03-20

You are always the best! On of the best indie team that I know

Fellowplayer Profile (Nivå 22) 2018-01-03

Hmm, who invited them all?

ZeldaGal (Nivå 3) 2017-12-17

This game is beautiful. Both in style and gameplay. I'd love if I could actually play more of this. With levels and maybe some upgrades. o3o

Marco Sacchetti (Nivå 8) 2017-12-08

molte belle le animazioni e lo stile del gioco in generale anche se ancora non sono riuscito a vincere. e' divertente comunque e fatto davvero molto bene

kalindor (Nivå 10) 2017-12-07

great style. another great game. the ux is perfect and the arts amazing. great 5/5

TheBigShow (Nivå 12) 2017-12-06

Can I win at this game? I played it staying on the dance floor. Then near the doors to hit the bad boys. But I had always a game over.

Freank Profile (Nivå 14) 2017-12-05

the first game that I played made by you was Tree House of Quest! Still one of my favourite on this website. I'm very happy that you returned to make game in 2D. I don't like so much Back Home. I still don't undestand the goal of that game. So, this is very nice. Great animations, nice gameplay and very easy to play. And there is also Brioshe in the picture on the wall XD good luck for your #LDJAM !

Amir (Nivå 13) 2017-12-05

your funny style is great! Is it linked with the new score system of indiexpo?

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