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My apologies but yes, when the game is updated on this platform you must start a new game file. Updates include changes to scripts and an extensive update to the database. If you use an old save file you will encounter errors.


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Game of Thrones Edition) (Date 4/13/19) Homestead 0.3.0

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Path of Exile) (Date 4/2/19) Homestead 0.2.7

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin PATCH! 0.9.9 (Mastered (Patched))

 - Implementing time moving as you walk on the map broke skill checks on these maps (such as lock picking and perception checks). - This patch fixes this.

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Mastered) (Date 3/4/19) Homestead 0.2.7 Implementing Darkest Dungeon light mechanics into battles and the difficulty settings and the hard core mode of Diablo games have actually been a lot of fun!


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Master Particle Edition) (Date 2/12/19) Homestead 0.2.7 - Graphic options added, adjust god-rays, particles, etc. for better game performance. - New weather effect, pollen added! - Infinity Dungeon Bosses! (Randomly spawn) - Armor sets added to game! - Homestead Balance tweaks, quests added. - Homestead character locator added! - Seasonal Fish added! - Gift giving code updated! (dislikes added) - Character Diaries can now be found. - New Quests, Skills, Enemies, and items! - Updated Elemental Balance. - Fixed and updated a few scripts. - Various bug fixes and updates. - and much more!

How many RPG's have graphical options to allow for better game performance?

Enable or disable God Rays and adjust particle amounts, etc.

Check out the latest version of my game and let me know what you think.

A ton has been added. Play online if you do not wish to download it.

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Particle 1B Edition) (1.4.19) Homestead 0.2.6 - Big Homestead balance update (Playable now! lol) - Fixed time in relation to crops and livestock - Huge update to gold/skill/item/crop/livestock balance. - Various fixes and updates

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Particle System 1 Edition) (12.31.18) Homestead 0.2.5 IS MORE OF A TEST FOR THE NEW PARTICLE SYSTEM, HOW DOES YOUR GPU FARE? (needs to run well even on low end computers and I am a bit worried)
 - BRAND NEW UNIQUE PARTICLE SYSTEM! (Light/Fog/etc) - Tweaked UI and Battle system - Dozens of hours tweaking database - Updated classes, new abilities - Various fixes and updates


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Octopath Traveler 1 Edition) (12.13.18) Homestead 0.2.5 - New Battle UI - New Battle Weakness UI - Allocate stat points to your characters! - New Weather Effects! (Version 1) - Updated classes, new abilities - mages/pets no longer suck! - Simplified equip system/updated classes - New items, skills, weapons, and more - Various fixes and updates

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


RPG Player Contest!!! Win $100!

Do you think you are a great RPG player?! Time to prove it.

Killer Gin RPG Competition. Prize: $100.00 (USD) paid via PayPal. Time Frame: Nov 1st to Dec 4th

PC Download:

Mac and Linux Download from:

Browser Version:

Killer Gin Facebook Page:

Highest Score wins! The game will calculate your score based on the following: -Quests Completed: (x5 points) -Secrets Found: (x4 points) -Deepest Level Reached in Infinity Dungeon: (x1 points) -Highest Wave survived in Single Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty) -Highest Wave survived in Team Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty) -Party Good Deeds: (x3 points) -Party Evil Deeds: (x3 points) -All Party Likes: (x1 Points) -All Party Dislikes: (x1 Points) -Crops harvested: (x3 points) -Live Stock Mated: (x3 points) -Discovered Enemies: (x1 points) -Homestead Occupants: (x3 points)

No video necessary, just a screen shot proving the above emailed to

Each entry will be displayed on the official Killer Gin Facebook page. (Each entry consists of two screen shots)

When you finish the demo a new character will appear on the world map by Layhen. He will generate your score based on the above criteria. Your stats will then be displayed on the screen for you to take a screen shot.

In an event of a tie, the person who submitted their screen shot first will win.


Killer Gin Game Jam!!! Prize: $100.00 (USD) (Paid through PayPal) Version: Next version releasing soon. Duration: 1 month, starting Oct 12. What do you think? Which should I select for the Contest. I am up for suggestions. 1) Best "Let's Play" videos of Killer Gin 2) Player who treks the deepest into the Infinite Dungeon. 3) Player who completes the games with the most side quests and secrets discovered. 4) Add your suggestions in the comments. Please let me know what you think.


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Championship Edition PATCHED) (8.23.18)

Homestead 0.2.5 - Added Assassins Creed Dispatch Missions! - Added Battle intros for all characters (situational) - Fixed a couple bugs, updated a couple things. - and much more!

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie

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