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Sekayo (2582 Ädelstenar) 2019-06-20


Svara -
TenTen92 (672 Ädelstenar) 2019-04-16

the idea is very very good. A very retrogame with bonus and malus. nice idea, nice features, nice nice nice. 5/5 I hope to see soon new games made by your team!

Whatif (2245 Ädelstenar) 2019-04-16

I play it all the week! you should add new waves, it's very nice. Even if you need also a lot of lucky with the final boss

Best IndieGames (3970 Ädelstenar) 2019-04-08

This game is in the video about the 5 Best FREE Games of March 2019

KingJhon (3739 Ädelstenar) 2019-04-03

Will you upload new games made by you? Your style and design is great

Freank Profile (3820 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-29

Finally completed! I loved it! the final boss was very hard! You need a barrier to kill him! And completed only using the rifle. The best weapon. Great design, great idea, nice animations and good music! You have a new fan! I hope to play soon your new games! I loved it! I'm playing it all week long.

Fellowplayer Profile (21442 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-27

Is it online only?

Reofloor (1441 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-26

How many waves ? My limit is 3 T_T p.s. indieeeexpo XD check out the name of the site in the first screen.

BBads (1423 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-26

I was 312, not 1000

Zion (3144 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-26

I love this game. just two requests (alrady done): 1. add the leaderboard online 2. make it responsive

Gatsu87 (3282 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-26

how can I switch the weapons?

FiascoGames (134 Ädelstenar) 2019-03-25

just one thing, make it to stretch at fullscreen or in a bigger window ;)

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