Dash Breaker Dash Breaker
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TyrionL (3586 Ädelstenar) 2018-10-24

no playable online on browser? it looks amazing

Best IndieGames (4953 Ädelstenar) 2018-08-08

This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of July 2018

Fellowplayer Profile (23498 Ädelstenar) 2018-07-05

I like the graphics for this game.

Parzival (702 Ädelstenar) 2018-07-02

Oh, cmon! An online version just for us! :DDDDDD it's a brilliant game!

mazzutakgame Profile (3906 Ädelstenar) 2018-07-01

i've download the game on my smartphon low performance pixy4 Alcatel, i've just rated this game on google play, the game is cute and fluid , the music is excellent ;-), I do not like the video reward for every gameover and i would like some different asset, but i can't have everything from life, 5/5

Fry2 Profile (2851 Ädelstenar) 2018-07-01

So fluid.

TheBigShow (3118 Ädelstenar) 2018-06-30

No online version this time?

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