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Step (1481 Ädelstenar) 2016-09-24

I don't know... the idea is nice. and the puzzles are good... but the design... :/ it's not so attractive...

cema12 (1031 Ädelstenar) 2016-09-22

Try to use simple colors. Also for a background. See games like candy crush, ruzzle or other casual games ! The backgrounds used have no sense...

Cimpo (594 Ädelstenar) 2016-09-18

IMHO the puzzle system is nice... the problem is the design and the graphics..

CUtet92 (755 Ädelstenar) 2016-09-17

Why you use animated background ? And why you use them ? There's not a link between the background and the game... O.o

Reim (593 Ädelstenar) 2016-08-27

News about it?

Jonathan Fish (7709 Ädelstenar) 2016-08-14

Nice gameplay... But the style is too boring. Use more colours. Replace the grey. Add animations at the end of the level. This can be a great game... You should only to restyle it ! ;) I follow!

Malian (1106 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-15

improve the graphics with original art ... the gameplay and the logic are nice :D

RedLine (1246 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-14

please... add a button to skip the tutorials... T_T

fats (2932 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-13

Is there a way to improve the loading ? Now it's slow. I'm talking about the loading with the logo of unity. It's only curiosity... ! :)

The Crazy (1198 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-13

The game is nice. i played only the first levels. But the tutorials are too long ! The gamer doesn't want to read so much ! My suggest is to add a very easy levels in the first part. So the gamer can learn playing :)

Staff (3523 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-04

you can upload your HTML5 game also here, uploading the ZIP ;) So the users can play it here online :)

MyTrain (1121 Ädelstenar) 2016-07-03

Can u add the html5? Can i play it online?

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