WTC 2 - Part 2 : NRFTF WTC 2 - Part 2 : NRFTF Triority
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This is now the official demo of Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II, which is due out at the end of June. As you can see from the previous version, it's now complete.
Hope you enjoy it !
This will be the last WTC for 2020 - NightFall will almost certainly only be ready 2021, along with the last episode. #visualnovel #vn

I'm aiming to get this fully released in early June

Fact #2 : Originally the start was going to be a DLC for WTC 3, but I decided to remove it and put it in it's own complete VN

Fact #1 : This visual novel takes place on the second day on the protagonist's holiday, and takes place at the present time, 10 years before the events of Redux/1 and then 5 years

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