Wendy Whedon

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Marion Overené

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Free western/fantasy point-and-click adventure game made with Adventure Game Studio.
Play as Wendy Whedon, a 16-year-old girl looking for work on the arid Great Plain, a fantasy world that has reached the level of the American Far West where magic and technology merge.
Jazyk: English   Francais  
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Wendy Whedon
Wendy Whedon
Wendy Whedon
Wendy Whedon
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Marion Overené (Level 11) 2020-10-07
Téléchargez la suite : Les Rejets de la Nature ! :)
Marco Sacchetti (Level 13) 2019-08-20
the plot is good. very good. and the dialogues are not so long. I love this, even if it's an adventure game! but the graphic is not the best part of the game.
lucyinthespace (Level 15) 2019-08-17
You are a very good artist. Why are you using 3d backgrounds? You can draw it! You can!
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