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gamefive Overené (Úroveň 16) 2021-11-30
Idea, fun, tension. Music is a perfect game.
Grattacroma (Úroveň 7) 2021-04-27
Very simple game and yet so engaging! I did a quick match and it was fun :)
I always appreciate simple concepts
Marco Sacchetti (Úroveň 14) 2021-04-06
You have two games in homepage! Cool!
Best IndieGames (Úroveň 18) 2021-04-05
This game is in the video about the Top 2 Indie Games of March 2021

YouTube Gameplay
Zockeromi (Úroveň 1) 2021-04-04
I was invited here by indiexpo and made a short video review - nice game!

YouTube Gameplay
wearevenom (Úroveň 12) 2021-03-14
very nice work. You should translate it also in other languages. it is the classic game that can be viral! 5/5
fats (Úroveň 12) 2021-03-10
Can you make a mobile version to play online?
Freank Overené (Úroveň 18) 2021-03-06
I played the game and I loved the style and the colors! Like a modern GBA game! Great animations, very fluid, and the design is easy and fast to play! Congratulation! I loved it!
ronnye (Úroveň 15) 2021-03-05
The palette is perfect! Very funny game!
Eugor (Úroveň 15) 2021-03-02
very origianl design!! I love it! easy to play and very fast!
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