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Lorenzo_774 (Úroveň 5) 2019-09-09
Cool game
Sedesto (Úroveň 7) 2019-09-02
Omg i love it!
TheBeast (Úroveň 10) 2019-07-10
ahahahhahahahahahaha amazing! even if toooooo short! Are you continuing it? any news?
RockMith (Úroveň 9) 2018-12-16
The game is great! But can you have copyright problem with Felix?
Zion (Úroveň 12) 2018-10-24
very easy platform
Fry2 (Úroveň 12) 2018-10-21
Too early to hope for a video gameplay
TheBigShow (Úroveň 12) 2018-10-12
the game is too simple. always the same maps, no nice objects. always the same.
Popsan Angel (Úroveň 13) 2018-10-12
it's funny! Can I use also the dog to attack or solve areas or is he just a pet?
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