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Jonathan Fish (7709 Драгоценные камни) 2016-08-14

Bad. Watching the screenshots I think"wow nice style"... And the style is good... But there is a big problem: the controls. Move the chara's fastly is impossible. I live the cute style of the game... But you should also care the game design. This can be a very nice game ( I dream a survival game in this style) but the controls make this game hard to play... :(

RedLine (1246 Драгоценные камни) 2016-06-24

can i use my gamepad ?

Aircraft (587 Драгоценные камни) 2016-06-16

how i can attack the ghosts ?

Marius (4110 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-24

i don't like it... the controls are very hard. I don't know what to do and what's the goal of this game. The characters are cute... but it's the only good thing of this game... this can be a very cool game, but it's made fastly and absently

Becom77 (937 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-22

it's very hard to move the girl. And the maps are very small. But the graphic style is very cool ! 4/5

BigHero (1621 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-21

What i Can do with the leafs ?

fats (2684 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-21

the controls are very hard. it's too difficult move the pg...

Glask66 (586 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-17

very very cool ! it's amazing ! i love this 3d style ! Wow ! 5/5 and <3 !

BigHero (1621 Драгоценные камни) 2016-05-12

woooooow ! How long is it ?

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