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Vea's Chronicles

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- Alpha upload - This build contains the first part of the first level. The game is currently in developement so there's might be bugs
- Controls: Directional arrows -> Movements
Space -> Jump and dash
- Xbox pad compatible -
Языки: English  
Что нового: 2
Fixes; Added moving platform
Vea's Chronicles
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Eneman Новинка (Уровень 7) 2021-10-10
I can't vote this game because I am a new user, but it is 1 star. It is just a tech stage to test the character's moviments. Scam.
Domiz (Уровень 5) 2021-05-19
How to do at the end of the first stage? How to continue it?
Guile (Уровень 8) 2021-02-04
Still waiting for an update
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