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The Wizard's Scroll

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Опубликовано: 13/07/2019



Take the role of a Fire Wizard on his quest to find the Magic Scroll located deep inside the ancient dungeon where the ancient evil lives. #platformer #pixelart
Языки: English  
The Wizard's Scroll
The Wizard's Scroll
The Wizard's Scroll
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Gatsu87 (4154 Драгоценные камни) 2019-07-15

Why I have to shoot using the mouse?! It's the first time that I see something like this. Configure the arrows to move, z ti jump and X to shoot.

Popsan Angel (3527 Драгоценные камни) 2019-07-14

the mechanics are very good. Also the level design. You have only to improve the assets and this can be a very cool game!

gamefive Profile (2464 Драгоценные камни) 2019-07-14

good game!!!

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