The Summoner's Bell The Summoner's Bell
Cinderflame Studios
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Cange (Уровень 8) 2016-09-04
It's nice but several details should be improved. Yes, starting from the ui. Are you continuing it or is it made only for the ld ?
RedLine (Уровень 9) 2016-09-03
very nice ! But improve the UI please D: a cool 3D... and a very ugly ui...
TheController (Уровень 9) 2016-09-03
the game is nice... and also the stages... but you should improve several details, like the arrows, the spider's moves, the sounds when you are damaged. I love the dark theme and the telopert effects, the golem and the traps :D nice work ! i hope that you will continue it !
Fellowplayer Profile (Уровень 22) 2016-09-03
I just finished your game, it was certainly a challenge and with make a nice addition to my Ludum Dare 36 collection. I recommend you put this on the gamejolt website too, I think many people will like it. Gameplay link is attached.YouTube: Fellowplayer -
YouTube Gameplay
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