Hard Times


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SURVIVE AS A HOMELESS, IN THE GREAT METROPOLIS OF INDIFFERENCE. #survival #urban Hi All! We finally got Greenlit with the last projects approved by Valve as Greenlight will cease to exist. We are very happy about it and we will work hard now to prepare a new demo with our new graphics assets and to prepare properly our release on steam! Thanks to everyone who supported us in the last months!! We really appreciate it! We will stop for now our Open Alpha... Ещё
Hard Times
Hard Times
Hard Times
Комментарии (15)
TheBigShow (741 Драгоценные камни)
nice demo! great work and the city looks huge! so many features and so many skills! It's incredible!
RealTidus (1736 Драгоценные камни)
I saw the new style on facebook! Did you turn on the pixel art? Nice idea!
MagicOz (971 Драгоценные камни)
The design and the idea are amazing... But the graphics don't attract me
Hard Times
Hard Times