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Peoople.. I wrote an article about how to use data collected from your game, mixed with players feedback, in order to improve and speed up the process of design and gameplay iteration. What do you think ? Do you use any analytics for your game ?


Yeaah! After lots of feedback and playtest and tuning. Superstarfighter reaches v0.6.3 !! Lots of improvements Graphics and Design. A brand new sport: SLAM-A-GON and a new character! Give it a try and let us know!

CHANGELOG: 1) You can now customize your game, choosing which sports to play, how many stars you need to win, and so on.

2) Arenas for 3 and 4 players have been redesigned and balanced to have more room and be more fun to play.

3) A new game, "slam-a-gon", has been introduced. A new species has been added as well as a playable character.

4) Hive filling game length has been reduced, to avoid excessive snowballing.

5) The arena for Deathmatch has been decluttered from asteroids, and a new type of obstacle has been introduced.

6) Snake sports and team play have been taken out from this build. We feel that their design should be improved. They will be back soon!

7) CPUs are now smarter and harder to beat!


Demo release just Updated. 4 sports available right now, You win when you win at least 3 matches, You can play SOLO, VERSUS or CO-OP. 5 species you can choose from. All sports are completely different but revolve around physics manouver and explosion mayhem. Give it a try if you can . :) #gamedev #demobuild

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