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Stupid Stones Adventure

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Опубликовано: 03/02/2016
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In Development by us, the Halvarsson brothers, for: PC, Mac, 3DS, PS4, XboxOne, iOS, Android, PsVita
Classic ardace shooter - with a colorful twist!
Stupid Stones Adventure is an action shooter adventure with a classic arcade feeling and a challenging and colorful twist - to break the Stupid Stones you have to shoot them with their own color!
Языки: English  
Что нового: 1
We are now finished with our demo, please try it and come with feedback so you can be a part of this project and get your ideas already in the upcoming demo. Every opinion is welcome and we will read them all :) Download it here at indiexpo and give it a try! ^^
Stupid Stones Adventure
Stupid Stones Adventure
Stupid Stones Adventure
Stupid Stones Adventure
Stupid Stones Adventure
Stupid Stones Adventure
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Fellowplayer (Уровень 23) 2018-01-05
Is the video link broken?
geod_3 (Уровень 10) 2016-10-09
Great work!! Nice game design!
Castor (Уровень 7) 2016-09-15
i'm blocked at level 5 >.<
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