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- 14.05.2022
- Small Grammar fixes
- WorldMap now shows the image of island
- Potion "Blue Kamikadze" now gives following traits:
- HP regeneration +5%
- MP regeneration +5%
- Chance for evade melee attack +15%
- Chance for counter attack +15%
- Added description for items with "This item has no description yet"
- Fixed dialog where hero not present in team was saying.
- When answering wrong to questions in Bridgekeeper player was teleported to broken location.
- Fixed passage on drawer in Trishia's Shop.
- Fixed passage on bench in Whisperblade.
- Fixed weather in Pawnshop located in Whisperblade
- Fixed flickering interaction icon in secret room.
- Fixed passage on staircase in Whisperblade.
- Fixed passage downstairs in prof. Holmberg's Castle.
- Item "Sacred Book Of Strength" now have a price in shop.
- Fixed movement of members of Guild "Shadow Dragons" in their house.
- Fixed problem when entering to Isilynora's room, player couldn't leave it.
- Fixed problem with dialog after defeating Erelim.
- Fixed glitched dialog in Bulmeth's brewery.
- Fixed problem with exchanging coins in bankers if player typed 0 value.
- Fixed problem when entering Rainhard's room.

Patch 1.1I - 08.05.2022
- Health warning message included in launcher in text and mp3 format.
- Added 7th Difficulty Level
- Re-designed launcher, heh, buttons don't match style to game though
- Couple new Battle Backgrounds...
- Fixed bug with full screen on latest nwjs updates for windows
- Drop of items, trash items reduced to 10% rate and added permament drop
of coins with following pattern:
*Lv. 1 - Lv. 4 -> Dimes and copper coins
*Lv. 5 - Lv. 7 -> Dimes and silver coins
*Lv. 8 and higher -> Dimes and gold coins
- When party member dies, all its other bars (MP, ST) drops to 0
- The briefings before starting chapter now appearing much faster
- When team member falls his avatar in battle hud becomes black&white, and no one can continue battle, proper message is displayed.
- Battle HUD indicated who takes turn by glowing frame
- added some side quests
- added ability enchantment for money
- Fixed event that gives 75XP for party (it was giving 1000 XP, but message displayed 75)
- Mental shockwave's Mana cost raised from 90 to 110MP
- Spiritual Strike's Mana cost raised from 125 to 150MP
- Tallanar's base MP regeneration raised from 4% to 7%
- Added WorldMap
- fixed camera bug in goldmine when riding wagon
- You can skip cutscene when heroes are riding wagon
- fixed bug with summoned angel, game showed error message, when battle is won and angel is beign unsummoned.
- Small bugfixes

- A little edit for HUD
- A little fix for Equipment Menu
- Link for PC version to download

- Experience points are now divided equaly for all team members.
- Soulrender's skill Divine Spears is now replaced with Angel Of War:
- summons a powerful angel for 3 turn who fight for player.
- Mouse support.
- Chapter Selection implemented.
- Telthos now can drain Mana from enemies and give it to friends in team.
- Tallanar, Telthos and Soulrender now they have permament passive abilities:
- Tallanar - Static discharge: gives N% chance to deal extra 70% damage
also this extra damage restores stamina.
- Telthos - Chivalric Duty: Reduces recieved damage to 50% and raises critical chance, evasion and counter attack to 30%
- Soulrender - Brilliance Aura: increases mana regeneration to 15%
- You can now in Game options toggle ON/OFF Fog Of War
- Autosave option moved to Game Configuration
- Action indicators also moved to Game Options
- Soulrender now has another Ultimate spell - Solar Beams
- Tallanar's Tornado skill has extended animation duration and that skill deals 3 times damage.
- Gaining new ranks and skill boost looks more like leveling
- Maia's Frost Nova Skill strikes 4 random enemies
- Maia's Ice Crystal skill strikes 6 random enemies
- Maia's Blizzard skill deals damage three times instead one
- Carla's Flames Strike skill strikes 5 random enemies
- Carla's Flame Drop skill strikes 6 random enemies
- All skills cooldowns where reduced by 1 turn
- Cheats :)
- Added Gamepad Support to Heroes Biography section.
- First dialogue with Soulrender - after his defeat and rescue can be skipped
- Fixed bug in Marcelince Quest in her Inn, quest was correctly marked as completed, but in Quest Log that entry was doubled.
- Delay between game hints and quest messages was shorten
- Salt can be used in battle against Banshees and Shades
- Killing Blow rate reduced from 5% to 3%.
- When Hero is drunk, rate of Killing Blow is raised to 50%
- Ayanna has now more simple, yet more effective Direct Attack

Patch 1.1F - 03.10.2021
- Added preview of heroes skills
- Autosave feature is now not tedious as before.
- Lantern burn time extended by 57%
- Added some more hints in game
- Increased number of difficulty levels to six
- Hud now is hiding in first hut when player picks items from shelf
- Far more improved system of refilling lantern
- Fixed bug with no music when session was picked with continue option
- Removed jump (there's no need to jump at all)
- Increased Exp from enemies and slightly lowered exp table
- Fixed Tigers item descriptions.
- Added map (item) for Tower Of Illusions in 4th chapter.
- Minor fixes with experience chests scattered on maps.
- Fixed bug with HUD, when player reached max level.
- Fixed background on 2nd floor of Tower Of illusions.
- Lich on 3rd floor on hard mode is a little easier to kill.
- Added Action icons for NPC's in 4th chapter.

Patch 1.1D - 02.09.2021
- You can change difficulty level during gameplay.
- Grammar errors fixed.
- Lightning strike cooldown reduced from 2 turns to 1 turn.
- Lightning strike strikes 4 enemies instead 6.
- Rhino Stomp skill won't damage flying enemies.
- Added mini cinematic in battle with soulrender.
- Added two small locations with better equipemnt.
- Added Alcohol.
- Optimized Map where Carla and Maia join party.
- Added mini mining system (pickaxe can be found in basement).
- Fixed problem with "snow" tiles.
- Added some mini bosses.
- Added indicator of beign tired for heroes (closed eye).
- Added indicator for dying enemies.
- Added special indicators for NPC on maps
- Effect of instant kill of enemy recovers that hero.

Due the licensing problems there was a long break in development, but all things were resolved. Now I'm back at work with this game.

- Added some quest
- Added some Fog FX
- Fixed some dialogs
- Added Heads Up Display
- Improved battles
- Added Upgrade system
- More locations
- Added Passive skills
- Improved buffs and debuffs
- Diagonal Movement
If for some reason online version crashes or get's buggy, please download standalone version.

Some (major) minor updates: Bigger maps, More activities, Fixed performance, Fixed some skills issues like Telthos Rhino Stomp

A new updates were made, however these improvements are not compatible with online version so
I highly recommend to download PC version.
Full change log - #p22">http://soulrender.myartsonline.com/viewtopic.php?p=22#p22
Download rar archive - https://mega.nz/#!7oBTjCza!a1azWBlhP14PvIyyCjmOq8RQkPsjA1iPdxvgXNv6oVI
Download zip archive - https://mega.nz/#!XsZj1YYQ!ngmDDmqpd9gsUDQpXXfPNhT0C5wq-4TJ2jJA9atC9cA
Download sfx archive - https://mega.nz/#!SggH1SRB!JxKTqPLEAudwOSEqH-0Ruog7buttW9aJLHsVxZ1OATw

This is one major update, actually I can say It's rewrtitten game - only mechanics and some visuals. - Press F to toggle lantern (if you have it in inventory), Press L to Toggle between Easy and Hard Mode in game.

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