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Rpg Maker MV

When Node is duped by a supposedly high-paying client into installing a
virus—created by a Cyberian terrorist group and disguised as a security update—into
the U.S.B's core system, he is framed for the crime and backed into a corner.
Now, he's wanted for termination by the BIOS Justice Force
and thrust into the fight of his life.
#retro #JRPG
Языки: English  
Sin Tax
Sin Tax
Sin Tax
Sin Tax
Sin Tax
Sin Tax
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lucyinthespace (Уровень 15) 2018-03-22
no more playable online?
Fry2 (Уровень 12) 2018-03-22
Put part of the long description in the short description. Don't add only the hashtags. Watch the other game pages
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