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Santa rise up

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Another Super casual game for you guys, A perfect time killer.
Make sure santa don't got hit by any obstacle and collects all the gifts, Gifts would make santa fuel filled,
Kids are waiting for there gifts, so don't let your santa fade away.
There are lots of obstacle and some are extremely difficult to beat, you have to be too focused to avoid them.
An endless runner sant
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Santa rise up
Santa rise up
Santa rise up
Santa rise up
Santa rise up
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LokstaPimp (Уровень 2) 2022-01-14
Pretty cool! Would you mind checking my game out and sharing it with others? I am trying to get at least 15 downloads or else they remove the game! My game is called PigCoin. Thank you!
Fellowplayer (Уровень 23) 2019-05-03
An image would help.
Agent44 (Уровень 13) 2019-05-03
Can you add any screen shots?
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