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After 6 months of developments after the previous 2nd Alpha, Randy & Manilla it again returns loaded with a lot of new details, additions and improvements that will coming up next:
- Improvement in the ship controls & collisions
- Graphic upgrade: Reflection probes & ambient occlusion are included
- A minimap has been added to guide the routes leading to the selectable Net-Cubes
- Simple life system has been included
- The Intro cutscene has been included with the Main villian Cracksom Virus.
- original 2D versions of Randy & Manilla
- Is here the Golembrick (the first boss of the game)
- 15 new original soundtrack composed by Marcus Wood (Mwoodofficial), Ignas Cibulskis & Icode4you
- More & Better Transitions
& Much more.

After 5 months of developments after the previous Special Alpha, Randy & Manilla It returns loaded with new details, additions and improvements that will coming up next:
- Great Graphic upgrade in some parts.
- Two more Net-Cubes has been included: Gamezone Cube & Abstractia
- Two more characters have been added: The "Gameboss" (Jay Gamer Mcday) & the Queen Virdueen.
- Rank system is added at the end of each level.
- 18 new original soundtrack composed by Jake Gamelin, Marcus (Mwoodofficial) & Icode4you
- Simple save & load system
- 7 more stages: 4 levels, 2 minigames & Randy's tutorial
- Basic AI system
& Much more.

The last campaign on Kickstarter, didn't succeed, due to all the problems that involved him. But Randy & Manilla they don't give up easily, this time he returns to another campaign in #Indiegogo: here >https://igg.me/at/randymanilla/x/22731077#/ with a much smaller objective and with the advantage of "flexible goal", it will be able to obtain what is necessary to improve the development of the project despite not reaching its goal.

Although his Kickstarter campaign it was a big fail, doesn't prevent the project from continuing with its development. After what happened, has been launched the alpha version to be accompanied by this project.
This version It has numerous updates:
- Is included the 3D models of Manilla & Venny Loopsuit made by Skyrider.
- Manilla is now a playable character.
- A new Net-Cube is added. Wonder Race, with 2 levels (a tutorial & runner).
- The Terra-Qubit main map it has been expanded.
- has been improved and added more textures, details & sounds.
- Include 3 original soundtracks made by Jake Gamelin.
- The pause menu crash in video panel has been solved (usually).
- Is now available for previous Windows versions (Windows 7 & 8).
- E-Mailer Ship controls have been improved (it can feel like in space).
- Include a lot of artwork related of the game development.
You can download this version in the indiexpo page of the game.

The game Randy & Manilla have now its official website. Click on the link so you can find out the latest news of the project: here> https://randyandmanilla.weebly.com/

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