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Quiet Manor

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Опубликовано: 02/06/2020


GameMaker Studio 2

Made in a rush for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend jam. CONTROLS: [WASD - Move] [Left Click - Interact/Action] [Right Click - Aim (when a tool is equipped)] [1/2 - Switch tool] [ALT+ENTER - Fullscreen toggle]
Языки: English  
Quiet Manor
Quiet Manor
Quiet Manor
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ThePresident (Уровень 9) 2020-11-04
Played during Halloween!
Coopa (Уровень 10) 2020-08-20
pixel art + 3d. Perfect mix. I don't undestand the plot. Is it a missing girl? a nightmare? nothing?
Gatsu87 (Уровень 14) 2020-07-24
Is it linked with Discomfort? I noted several references, but I don't know if it's right
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