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Made for Ludum Dare 36. On your travels, you find the ruins of an ancient temple. Inside, you stumble upon a relic. This relic will open a small gate to an alternate version of the level. Take this relic to the fountain, and then make it back to the exit to continue.
Controls: Mouse, WASD, Spacebar. #LDJAM
Языки: English  
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ronnye (Уровень 14) 2017-03-26
Awesome concept and developed pretty well! The level design here is great and the game is so hard it beats the casual player out of me.
onebullet55 (Уровень 10) 2017-03-10
it's very good
Feih (Уровень 8) 2016-10-16
It's very cool ! One of the best of the jam... ! But no one here tryed it >.<
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