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This is the last game I'll do. I have no pretensions to developing games, especially in RPG Maker.

Three endings. One, just make a choice . The other two, depend on the player's performance.

Please, read the minimum specifications required to play the game smoothly.

If there are problems in the font, please install the fonts that I make available on the file.

Играть Ribon Onna Sama
Скачать Ribon Onna Sama
Играть Oni Zon
Скачать Oni Zon
Играть In Aorta
Скачать In Aorta
Играть Violet City 1.0
Скачать Violet City 1.0
Играть Dragonball Af Mugen
Скачать Dragonball Af Mugen
Играть SuperBlock
Скачать SuperBlock