Nocturne: Rebirth

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Rpg Maker XP

Nocturne: Rebirth (月夜に響くノクターン Rebirth) is a popular 10 to 20-hour (story-wise) dark fantasy JRPG created with RPG Maker XP in 2009. It is notable for - A highly original ATB battle system - Touch-based enemy encounters - Slick battle animations - A highly versatile character levelling system - Unique Familiar Summon System - Almost 100% custom graphics and more!

Языки: English  
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
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Kvothe (Уровень 2) 2018-08-03

This game was one of a few games that I've maked over, from RPG Maker platform. I do highly recommend it! The battle system is good, the history is good and mostly, the pet system.

Luis (Уровень 17) 2018-01-21

an amazing plot and an amazing system. It's one of the best rpg played. It's very good thing that now I can play it in english. It's very long and with so many cutscenes. great game

SwordMan (Уровень 8) 2016-11-27

thanks to Shou/Cogwheel (Creator), eplipswich (Translator)!

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