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Lev_Arris Profile (Уровень 6) 2019-05-05

Replacing trailer with a devlog video Just a short video of the developing world, some areas, some features and action.. and some bugs. (5/5/19)

Fellowplayer Profile (Уровень 22) 2019-05-03

Looks nice, how much of it is original content?

Lev_Arris Profile (Уровень 6) 2019-04-21

Keys: wasd OR arrow keys - Movement 1~9 - Select weapon slot to equip 0 - Unequip weapon space - Jump Ctrl - Crouch Shift - Run e - Interact/chat/pickup item i - Open inventory o , p - Cycle through (view) shop items [ - Purchase selected shop item Mouse - Control looking direction / elevation LMB - Use item in hand / Attack LMB - Inventory select, drag, re-order, drop items RMB - Inventory consume or use item

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