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Monster World RPG ver. 1.1 is out now ! ! !

Basic download: contains only the full-playable current (updated) version of the game and the resources needed for troubleshooting (163 MB RAR ARCHIVE).

Extra download: has the same contents of the basic download and contains also: - art gallery; - 4 MWRPG demos; - icons; - original soundtrack (by Vincenzo Colella); - packages (DVD Booklet, DVD Case Cover and DVD Label); - pixel art; - videos; - WonderBoy - The Sword of Legend (original and complete playable game by "The Cyberlynx". (360 MB RAR ARCHIVE)



An updated version is soon to be released within october and november. This new version will contain many bug fix and improvements thanks to the numerous feedback we received from players. Here's a short list of the imprvements: - improved custom menus; - improved and faster genes, gears and spells menu; - new NPCs added in order to give the player some hints; - mini-games and puzzle simplified when they were too difficult; - removed some dead end or other unuseful stuff; - general bug fix; - other improvements which wil be completey listed in a what's new document along with the new release

There are eleven journal entry about the new release in the game facebook official page which contain even more information and screenshots.

When the new version will be ready this post will be updated for you all.


X-Buster interview.

"Hello everyone, today we have a special interview with the creators of Monster World RPG; an incredible fan game and passion project based on the Wonder Boy series created by Ryuichi Nishizawa. We have with us the lead developer; Massimo and the co-developer; Fernando. In honor of the 30th anniversary of Wonder Boy, I will be asking 30 questions based on the game's development(which also includes questions unrelated as well).

Without further ado, let's get started shall we?"

- Continue reading at the following link: "-


I would like to share with you this very complete review of the game by XBuster (author of "Monster World Legends"):


Monster World RPG Official Facebook Page:

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