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mayduavongts (Уровень 2) 2019-06-14
Great post, thanks for sharing!
Jonathan_Fish (Уровень 16) 2016-08-17
very nice work !!
Destroya (Уровень 7) 2012-10-25
Im not good with it, but i like the basic idea and the music, perhaps the game can be evolved in something much more fun.
Saint88 (Уровень 2) 2012-05-16
This game I felt I was not satisfied. first thing in the end of each game would not let me play again but it made me quit the game, as the second thing you should improve your game play because it was difficult to interpret in proprioceptive
Gent (Уровень 7) 2012-05-15
Nope, this is not puzzle game. <br />
Gatsu87 (Уровень 14) 2012-05-15
Platform ?! Is it not a puzzle game ?
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