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Non-Combat story focused RPG. Your choices matter from mere dialogue to additional quests or alterations to quests! Note: This is my first game, made nearly 2 years ago, judge it as such.
Playtime: Around 1 hour per playthrough. Has replay value.
This game was abandoned, it has no ending
Языки: English  
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Cleril (Уровень 6) 2011-07-09
All graphics are standard VX flare except a few re-colors of sprites I did here and there, also any blood you see was made by me. <br /> <br />I'll be putting up Haven 2 on here either A. When I finish it's next update or B. When I want to be ego stroked. <br /> <br />Thanks for the feedback! Abandoned due to organization problems.
Alexander0777 (Уровень 8) 2011-07-09
Wow, the story of this game is very particulary! It's a displeasure that you haven't ended this game. <br /> <br />By the way, very good graphic and sounds, like the classic type of RPG. Good work!
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