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It is still far from perfection, everybody knows it. Anyway, none has been able to beat the boss. It is needed to EXP before, so I suggest to fight all the enemies in the wood before facing the boss ;)

Done ! The restyle has been completed and now I am able to release it !! Now you should be able to complete the game and enjoy the pixel-art.

don't despair. The restyle is so deep and I am so alone on this. Few weeks, nothing more.

Hi all! I am sorry I do not use to update the game. As far as I am planning, this will be a demo playable on mobile! I plan to add encounters visible in the wood, add a full-touchscreen controller for battle and a virtual analog controller for the party movement. During battles, I know it would be worth to change enemy cards against enemy's EXP points. It all will be done with the next release! See ya in 2020 :)

Hi players! You can take a look at the instruction article here: https://godotengineitalia.com/draconians-nexus/It is in the italian language, as soon as I am able to, I will translate it in english. Now stop talking, PLAY THE GAME !

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