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Collapse, Collide

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Collapse, Collide is a short little game about Life. Jump through obstacles and climb walls seeking for something unique.
Collapse, Collide
Collapse, Collide
Collapse, Collide
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Драгоценные камни)

the download doesn't work D: can you replace it ?

Destroya Profile (655 Драгоценные камни)

Short, really short, but cool, you have a good control of character, so it\'s easy to jump and run without be frustrated. Is really cool for being just an experiment.

Destroya Profile (655 Драгоценные камни)

Breve, brevissimo, ma molto figo, in più il sistema di controllo è piuttosto preciso, permettendoci di percorrere i livelli in velocità. Alla fin fine da un platform ci si aspetta giusto un buon controllo del protagonista, come esperimento è una figata.

Collapse, Collide
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